Good Damage & Bad Damage

What a Week.

A text and call the other day with details of a terrible diagnosis for the guy I play drums for: Charles Levi. I’d been thinking about him a lot, as I spent 6 days in the ICU (I’m ok), and at least we got to laugh our heads off for a minute as I said we must be the worst fucking rhythm section in the world. I couldn’t move for a few days, and it seems like Charles will not be able to continue to play at his masterful cool cat, top of the fucking groove tree level, at least for a while.

It is truly heartbreaking. 

There is a special hell I think reserved for rhythm sections dealing with loss; not like the relationship between guitarists and keyboard players (look at this midi and what happens if I bend the d# on the solo?) – or guitarists to guitarist (look at my pedals!). A rhythm section grooves together, breathes together, and locks in place. The difference between good and great is slivers of a hair’s breadth of a grain of blow. 

I’m not sure if rhythm sections exist that much anymore? Not sure if Charles and I can be joined at the hip now that one of mine is artificial? Not sure about a lot. But at least we have sometime to continue to celebrate his awesome contribution to effortless cool at the center of the Chicago Industrial Scene. There’s more to come, but in the meantime here’s the link to his GoFundMe if you’d like to contribute or share the link.

I know we will play together again!

Love you Charles ! 

#Pigface #FAM

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