Midwest Music Expo 7 : Chicago – Choose Your Code!

A Note from Martin on MmX 7 – Chicago:

Its easy, especially after the problems with SXSW earlier this year, to dismiss conferences as a thing of the past – or part of a bygone industry. Easy, but not correct – what has always been special about any kind of serious gathering isn’t just the verbalizing of hopes fears, tricks, tips and IDEAS: it’s being in the same room as broadly like-minded individuals. Not people with the same answers (or problems to solve), but people who come at problems from different angles, from a different place, used to being outside of the box in every sense. Sometimes, it’s just good for us to know we are not imposters, but creative problem solving, imaginative thinkers who get it – and for some reason, are happy to help others succeed too!

So, here we are (with version number seven! of this event) powered by my music business students at Millikin University, and helped along by others, graduates, and other professionals eager to make a change, continue to help and fuel creative solutions, and keep things moving!

We don’t want your money (well, maybe a little?). You can choose from a 100% or 50% discount on the tickets. It’s going to sell out, so jump in and make sure you are involved for November’s edition, too! 

50% Code : MMX7CHI50

100% Code : MMX7CHIFREE



Keynote Speaker:

Wendy Day (credited with discovering Eminem and founder of Rap Coalition) delivering an inspiring talk on navigating the ever-evolving music industry landscape.


Featured Speakers:

Briahna Gatlin, Swank PR

Bennie Smith Jr., Suite 704

Celia Rose, What Up Pitches

Darryl Hurs, Indie Week / VenuexVenue

Eddie Sanders Esq., Protect & Collect LLC

Jessie Diaz, Dark Matter Coffee

Jim Remsik, Flagrant

Kevin King, Scaeva

Martin Atkins, Invisible Rec / Museum of PPIM / Millikin University

Mary Datcher, Global Mixx Music + Film Forum

Odell Mitchell III J.D., Thirdline Legal

Orville Kline, orvillekline.com

Pinqy Ring, Pinqy + The Brainz / Next Level / JWF / Collaboraction

Sam Thousand, Superlative Muzak Inc / ChiBrations LLC

Tyler + Emily Nevius, Ramova Theater

Wally Lockard III J.D., Urban Grind TV


Interactive Panels from industry experts on:

AI’s Impact

Legal Realities: Navigating the Music Industry

Empowering Communities: Local Initiatives in Music + Beyond

Must the Show Go On? Mental Health and Wellness in the Industry

Welcome to the Music Business…You’re Still F*cked! w/ Martin Atkins (the talk he didn’t do at SXSW this year!)

7-11: 7 panelists, 11 minutes each


Steve Albini

We are devastated by the passing of Steve Albini and send condolences to family, band mates and creative people devastated by this loss that hits so close to home.