Museum Friday Update

I hope you are finding these museum posts interesting

For me, having all of this creativity assembled in one place really feels as though the lessons are being drawn out of it all… those weird things you put on your feet, and the next morning they’re filthy with whatever stuff has been drawn out from inside you? Yes – just like that!

At some point, there will be an area dedicated to packaging – but for now, the Metal Box, The Damage Manual Limited Edition, Moldovar’s;light sensitive Theramin CD release, Shogun Konitinki’s handmade battery powered strobe light vinyl kit, the return of the Durutti Column sandpaper release on Factory Records are all sprinkled around like some marketing; departments Easter egg hunt of vibe!

Which brings me to the lesson from the Pigface vs Snapline flexi 7″ wrapped in a poster from the Chinese cultural revolution with additional spray paint. As much as I thought I was being creative and original folding up the 50+ posters to make 50 different sleeves – turns out The Undertones did this in 1978 – out of financial necessity (there wasn’t any money), so they xeroxed posters and folded them up to make the sleeve. I’d LOVE to think that additionally they knew someone at the print shop (perhaps ProntoPrint back then?), so they didn’t cost anything – but that’s not confirmed. I put a link to the 2:17 song here – what a great track!

Next up in the financial necessity department will be a look at the first Invisible Records release in a screen printed shopping bag! Supply chain heaven!

Meanwhile, a small run of the china 7″ is up as part of the auctions to benefit the museum – check those out here!

Don’t forget you can become a founder by getting the Founders’ Package here, or suggest an item to donate (to make you a founder) here!


Museum Open House
Sunday March 5
2PM – 4PM

Join us for an Open House at the museum! This place is absolute magic! An Open House will be held 2PM-4PM with a tour guided by Martin Atkins, so please be prompt. Tickets are $25 each, or free to Museum Founders with code FOUNDERSROCK. If you’re not a founder and would like to become one for lifetime free access to the museum, you can purchase the Founders’ Package here, or Donate and Item to the Museum here.

The Museum is currently BYOB (beverages); feel free to bring something for Martin as long as it’s NA! Thanks!

The exact address will be sent to attendees in their confirmation email and in reminder emails leading up to the event. For traveling purposes, we are located in the vicinity of 33rd and Halsted in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.

Register Here!

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