Museum Lessons: You Dont Know Sh*t About F*ck All!

More Lessons from the Museum

There are many reasons to be grateful for the museum: being surrounded by all of these important items, meeting and connecting with so many unexpected people who have a love for this ground breaking period of music (Rise Against visited yesterday!). But one unexpected gift from this time has been my understanding that I have NO IDEA what is going to hypnotise people, what item is going to stop someone in their tracks and resonate with them. That has changed me in my approach to people outside the museum too.

Let me explain it: 
Wendy Day visited perhaps a year ago and I was there as a guide to point out the important stuff and tell some stories. Wendy stood in front of a piece of the Ministry section as I gently tried to move her along to other important displays, ‘and moving right along…’ But Wendy stayed fixed in place – not in front of the skull, or the cage pieces, or the 2″ of Burning Inside, or the unfinished song with me & Bill from 1989 – but in front of a 4″ x 3″ black and white ad torn from a Montreal newspaper in 1990. “I was at this show’ said Wendy – I paused to allow some space for the memories. Several days later she sent me an e mail – still thrilled to have that small memory prompt in a corner of a display.

A few weeks later I am doing the same thing – “over here is my drum kit from Head Like A Hole and Ministry and and and, and over here is the sign from the American Bandstand dressing room door and ….”  I forget exactly who I was giving a tour to, but nothing really seemed to grab them. None of the blockbuster pieces grabbed a hold – until, walking to the door in the foyer and wrapping things up, this guy stopped in his tracks, “Oh my goodness! Wow,” etc etc…I was looking around for the item so that I could fill in the space with a story… but I didn’t see where he was focusing. “Oh my goodness 91X!!’ a faded sticker for a small radio station in San Diego stuck to the side of a flight case. He went off into memories and to a place where he was discovering new music. This faded worn and weathered sticker was his big shiny object. Part of me wanted to say, “Yes but, look at Trents passport photographs ! , or, these Throbbing Gristle buttons!” but, I just shut up and let the memories come.

The fact is, you dont know shit about fuck all really, and especially about what is important to other people or their memories and events that have signposted their lives. A good lesson to learn and a better attitude to have moving forwards. 
Thankyou museum. 

This story was prompted by the third instance of all of this – I’ll tell that story next week.

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