Museum Monday!


Museum Monday!

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What an incredible few days!

The problem with being in the music business is that terms like ‘exponential growth’, ‘massive’, ‘charisma’ ‘huuuuge’ etc  get used ALL the time to hype and describe a lackluster artist playing to16 people on a rainy Tuesday night in an empty club. So when we come to describe something like this last week (and indeed the last 2+ years really) at the museum these words feel diluted by overuse.

I wanted to describe just Thursday afternoon, then Friday & Saturday happened. New terrific intern Molly & I started to check items in on Thursday afternoon, taking time to not just get all of the details correct but to also populate the cross referential portion of the sheet. This. Takes. time.

We logged in about 42 significant items: a Revolting Cocks poster from Cannes 1991, a signed (by everyone) Test Department 8×10 promo pic,– a good start as we look at different software platforms that are out there – the ones that catalog items then allow user defined multi media displays to be created from prompts seem exciting to me especially after witnessing first-hand the fact that I cannot predict what will excite anyone, what will push them to sit for a minute in stillness, gently cry or laugh or lose themselves in memories.

So I left on Thursday (after a nice visit from Hozac Books & NZ author Richard Langston) understanding the task ahead of us – of course items donated are logged in carefully so that we can make the donors founders but this next stage is important and it gave me an idea of what we are up against ……and the enormity of this archive.

FRIDAY – the deluxe Chris Connelly Phenobarb Bambalam vinyl arrives – this will go nicely with the scenery, the itinerary, the Jody Foster tour pass, the screen, the photos etc Then a large poster tube with an amazing, huge  Nine Inch Nails poster and a rare silver foil poster from a benefit show – as I look at the contents and read the letter I panic a little as half of the items don’t appear to be there – I read the rest of the letter to see that some of the items are in a separate box sitting by the door – stunning.

THEN SATURDAY happens, Scottish photographer Max shows up with a heavy box of amazing. Just incredible. A Metro 5th anniversary flyer pops out, some original cassettes from Chicago Trax Studio on Halstead. This box alone is a day or archival for myself, Molly and Tom in the studio (at least!) and a nice work out for our coffee machine too. I spin over at Jackalope Coffee’s Block Sabbath block party for an hour (what an amazing neighborhood this is) and came back to more visitors, donations from Lorie and a donation of an important piece and a generous offer from Jim Currie. What a few days!

But wait, I walk into the house to a package from Annie & Andy at Indy CD and Vinyl – a couple of radio station Keith Levene 12” vinyl releases. Superb. That’s exponential.

These are amazing problems to have and easy to solve. (it’s just time and people and dark matter coffee and time and people)…(and time). Great things happen when you do stuff – nothing happens when you don’t!
Stay tuned for some BIG announcements in the next two weeks!

Remember, you can still become a Museum Founder by purchasing the Founders Package Here, or you can submit an item of note to donate to the Museum!

There are some significantly cool auctions going on currently including an original PiL Metal Box along with a piece of the original sealing tape, a Ministry Bundle including a receipt for a mint condition unused original ticket from Cain’s Ballroom 1990 Cage Tour Show, Limited Spray Painted and signed Killing Joke Dollar Bill Prints, a Museum Whiskey Bottle Lamp, and more! Be sure to check them out below!

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