Museum Monday: New Items This Week

It’s so difficult to try and stay on top of all of the wonderful things that are happening: great visits from people traveling specifically to visit the Museum. I KEEP asking, “what are you doing in Chicago?” To get the answer ‘THIS!” Soon we will need an official hotel of the Museum!

Just this last week:

  • a framed smashed key and other pieces of plastic from a NIN keyboard
  • a metal poster from The Moore Theater in Seattle 1994:
  • screen printed with, what looks like, an 11” nail welded across it
  • some Jello Biafra spoken word bootlegs cassettes
  • a PIL Bad Life magazine ad
  • a MLWTTKK frisbee
  • Margot Olavaria’s (founder of The Go-Go’s) handmade penny dress

Anyway, come visit is what I am trying to say! Tickets to events are going fast and plz vote for us if you have a couple of minutes in the Chicago reader poll! 




Upcoming Events at the Museum

Pre-Thrill Kill Kult Open House

Saturday, November 4

12:-00PM CST

Tour the museum and enjoy all of the Thrill Kill Kult related materials:

  • Press kits and photographs
  • Posters, t-shirts, buttons
  • Blotter acid art
  • Signed tarot cards
  • And even some of Frankie Nardiello’s (Groovie Man) amazing original art!!

Pre-Skinny Puppy Events

Sunday November 12 – Wednesday November 15

Come hang out to see all the Skinny Puppy archives:

  • Signed suit
  • Signed microphone
  • Lighting plot 1990
  • Posters
  • Bloodstained, signed blanket from the  Ain’t It Dead Yet?  video
  • Tim Gore’s Voodoo head from the tree
  • Place settings
  • Tour passes
  • Shirts
  • Process lyrics & Steven Gilmore art prints
  • Ritalin materials
  • Examples of Tim Gore’s latex work
  • A recent 20-piece archive of press releases and ephemera – scanned in for a slide show!

And all of the insane collections that feature deep NiN, PTV, PigFace, Ministry, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, + more!

*Sunday, November 12, as a special treat, we have the privilege of being joined by Skully – Skinny Puppy’s onstage tech since 1988 to answer questions and chat!


Best of Chicago

Chicago Reader’s Best of Chicago ‘23

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  4. Scroll to ‘Best Museum’ and enter “The Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music”
  5. Enter your email
  6. Select ‘Nominate’

We appreciate your support!!


New Pigface Shirt

New Pigface Shirt:

Twelve plus years before System Of A Down came up with the brilliant title of ‘Steal this Album’ (November 2002), Pigface had inserted that phrase subtly onto a promotional sticker for the first album GUB in 1991. Throughout the list of people on the album, the shopper is encouraged to “steal this album, steal it now … (no ones looking!)”

I thought it was fucking hilarious! However, a few record store owners didn’t agree and sent some pretty fiery letters to the office threatening to never stock Invisible records again! Anyway, we thought it deserved to be memorialized on a new Pigface shirt – go gettem! (no stealing!).


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