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Sometimes I just don’t know how to communicate what is happening at the museum…

I’ve seen people talk about ‘exponential growth,’ and for sure that is happening. I’ve seen myself on just about every electronic platform talk about it ‘exploding,’ but I am sitting here having experienced ANOTHER amazing week with a full weekend to come, and just so thankful for all of it. It’s not a great big pile of stuff migrating up the walls (although it is!); it’s a thing that we are all growing ourselves and it is miraculous.
Last Sunday, I was pointing out some of the what I call ‘bureaucracy of the music business,’ a meal money sign-off sheet from Killing Joke at The Ritz NYC in 1991. Next to it is a soft-cloth backstage pass (band & crew), and as I extrapolated forwards to the possibilities – ‘one day we will find photographs or maybe a recording or a review of this gig and all of these things will come together to create a cross referenced database of rabbit hole-ness.” I see someone in the tour shuffling around and going through a bag or an envelope or something – and, just as I am about to say – WTF!! Christopher Mackenzie triumphantly pulls out a ticket – to that very show exclaiming ‘I was at that show!’ Just beautiful. He and his partner Leigh are founders. THANK YOU!!
We made a big effort for the overnight on Wednesday, turning my drum riser and cage into an industrial AF four-poster bed! You can check out the Night at the Museum auctions here, or sign up for the wait list here 
There are so many deep, heavy things happening – thank you to all of you who have made it possible and helped in one way or another ….it’s not all fun and games though – there are a couple of things I want to talk about on Sunday – one is the opening of my Killing Joke snare floating brass drum. I gifted it to my drum tech Bart Flores as I walked off stage for the last time with them in 1991 (yes we have the ticket for that night too). Honestly, I had forgotten about it until Bart suggested returning it for the museum (that’s another theme developing; things finding their way back…). I asked Bart to include a note with the drum, I haven’t seen it yet, and I will read it on Sunday. And, in the spirit of my sobriety, I will be addressing Andy Rourke’s three-day spell with Killing Joke too. I can’t say I am proud of my role in his difficult time. 
If you cant make it to the museum on Sunday – there is a zoom session too – you can check out those event links below! 
See you there!

Mouthside #2 with Martin Atkins and Steve Silver
Sunday, March 12
Doors 1PM, Event start 2PM CST

Prompted by the Killing Joke show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, we’re doing a KJ themed (+ more) MouthSide Story Slam, hosted by Martin Atkins and Steve Silver!

Me and Steve have done a lot, at different ends of the spectrum: me, behind the kit hitting things and Steve, well, hitting things. The last time we did this, summer of ’22, we both cried a bit – the Museum does that to you sometimes; coaxing out the stories, the vibes and the tears. Steve will have some of his books to sign if you don’t already have it – see you on the MouthSide!

Doors open at 1PM, and stories will ensue 2-4PM.

In-Person Tickets are $20, or free to Museum Founders with code FOUNDERSROCK; Online Tickets are PWYW. If you’re not a founder and would like to become one for lifetime free access to the museum, you can purchase the Founders’ Package here, or Donate and Item to the Museum here.

The Museum is currently BYOB (beverages); feel free to bring something for Martin as long as it’s NA! Thanks!

The exact address will be sent to attendees in their confirmation email and in reminder emails leading up to the event. For traveling purposes, we are located in the vicinity of 33rd and Halsted in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.

In-Person Tickets Here

Online Session Here

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