SXSW Update + More

SXSW Announcement:

SXSW Music Conference has been a yearly marker and important networking hub since 1987. I’ve been so proud to be chosen to speak there over ten times already – and, perhaps my most fueling thing – to take students down there to experience it all first hand!

I was thrilled to be one of 350 speakers chosen out of 3,000 submissions to speak this year and present Welcome To The Music Business…..You’re FUCKED Tenth Anniversary Edition. So, it’s tough to have to announce that, although my spine surgery recovery is going very well – I still need to be careful, and a long flight or drive just isn’t in the cards for me at the moment – I need to cancel my appearance.

I will be announcing an online zoom event for anyone that was particularly looking forwards to the event, and anyone else who wants a pragmatic, realistic look down the barrel of the gun that is the music business today.

Onwards and upwards!

Jolly Roger

An important day today – Jolly Roger celebrates 75 years on the planet. He has been such a guiding gentle force (emphasis on FORCE!) for Ministry Skinny Puppy Pigface and Killing Joke: Official to name Just a few. Always there with thoughtful sage advice and ready to solve problems with a quiet subtle word or with a huge crescent wrench. My favourite quote on the Ministry cage tour when Jolly was surrounded by an entire football team (security) looking for someone on the bus and a fight ….. “well, ok, but I’ll tell you now, when we are done, two of you will never play football again” – Genius!

He called me when Raven passed, understanding what that would do to me, and he sat me down in the back of the bus once and advised me 25 years before my spine surgeon showed me on the MRI, that I couldn’t keep throwing myself all over the place behind my kit without consequence. Thanks for everything Jolly! The Atkins family loves you a lot!

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