Thrill Kill Kult, Skinny Puppy, + More

This Feels Special.  

There are so many connections between myself and Skinny Puppy: 

I produced The Process (1996). Of course Ogre is a part of Pigface on Gub, Fook, Notes From Thee Underground and more. Both, Ogre and I, were on the Ministry Cage Tour. I made the Rx album with Ogre as a kind of pre-cursor to the Ohgr Project. I also just jumped on Cevin Key’s Podcast to talk about our time in Malibu at Rick Rubin’s studio! You can check that out on Cevin’s Patreon Here!

Plus, I have to say that, along with the NiN, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult & PTV sections, the Puppy area of the museum has just exploded with contributions coming on from all over!! Brad Schroeder sent us Ogre’s SIGNED suit from 2015. There are lyrics, photographs, artwork from Steven Gilmore, latex pieces from long time collaborator Tim Gore, the signed bloody blanket from Ain’t It Dead Yet, tour passes, production notes, RX ephemera and more.

AND as a special treat, for Sunday, Nov 12’s Pre-Skinny Puppy event, we have the privilege of being joined by Skully – Skinny Puppy’s onstage tech since 1988 to answer questions and chat! He might  be around for other events Monday through Wednesday, but Sunday is definite.

A couple just drove 537 miles from Buffalo, NY to see the Museum and said it was well worth it! 

If you are in town for the last Chicago Puppy dates – come hang before the show! We will also be having another hang before Thrill Kill Kult on November 4th if you’re in town for that show.

We look forward to hosting you at the Museum!

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