Auctions + Upcoming Event

Ongoing Auctions

There are ongoing auctions to help benefit the Museum. There are quite a few unique and rare items available including signed spray painted used drum heads, original Fook rendering prints (only 4 in this series!), more from SWANS, a 28-page 1998 Invisible in-color catalog, experience auctions like Spend the Night at the Museum, and much more! Check out the full list of items below.

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Museum Open House
Sunday February 26

Join us for an Open House at the museum! This place is absolute magic! An Open House will be held 2PM-4PM with a tour guided by Martin Atkins, so please be prompt. Tickets are $25 each, or free to Museum Founders with code FOUNDERSROCK. If you’re not a founder and would like to become one for lifetime free access to the museum, you can purchase the Founders’ Package here, or Donate an Item to the Museum here.

The Museum is currently BYOB (beverages); feel free to bring something for Martin as long as it’s NA! Thanks!

The exact address will be sent to attendees in their confirmation email and in reminder emails leading up to the event. For traveling purposes, we are located in the vicinity of 33rd and Halsted in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.

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