Another Busy Week at the Museum!

I don’t have much time to be on my feet and up at the museum between classes at Millikin and my PT – but my recovery so far is going slowly, but well. Thanks for all those who have asked – more news later next week after more appointments!
A Tuesday visit from Scary Lady Sarah William and friend; then, Wednesday was Tony Duffy of Lightning Man Promotions INC and his wife. Later on Wednesday, we also had a visit from Chicago pressing plant Smashed Plastic and it was delightful to have conversations about pressing (of course!). The Locust and Three One G Records, Ministry, my early band Brian Brain and its role in the beginning of 4AD, coffee from Lance from Dark Matter Coffee – it was a nice hang and great to see the growing collection through a group of music fans so obviously excited by all of it.

There are new viewing areas up in the front (with more still to come) and down into the basement and studio. I started to position Gabe Serbians Locust suit/mannequin up in the front along with a stunning photograph and vinyl sent by Justin Pearson with permission from Gabe’s partner Katie.  Jim helped position the box (I can still only lift a gallon of milk), but rather than rush and open it before the Smashed Plastic guests arrived I decided to just pause and wait for a better time – a more respectful space in amongst everything, to open this up.

As I type this, I realize that I have told myself the same thing about the 2” tape with an unfinished song with myself and Bill Reiflin recorded at Chicago Trax in 1989 by Rave Dave Ogilvie, the same about opening up the King Crimson on-stage notes from Bill (through Fripps tech Biff), and my refurbished, boxed up Killing Joke brass snare drum gifted back to me by my tech Bart Flores. I had gifted it to him as I walked off stage with Killing Joke for the last time in 1991. (the snare drum itself isn’t making me pause, but the accompanying note about that night is – I know I was drinking and until the snare unexpectedly arrived – I hadn’t thought about things from Bart’s perspective. )
Anyway, come visit, come stay the night, help if you can by becoming a Founder by purchasing the Founders’ Package or Donating an Item to the Museum, or bidding on an auction item here – it’s fucking magic!!

peace love respect
Chicago Illannoys

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