Spend the Night at the Museum + More

Is it possible to keep learning all the time?

Well, I guess so. I’m learning to listen and to let people breathe a bit at the museum. I’ve been so excited to show people all the stuff (with Gabe Serbians suit from the Locust now upfront, but still in a box – more about that later), it would be easy and understandable to make a crazy big dipper speed ride out of all of it to cram it all in. Turns out, the opposite is true, I think. Showing people stuff and telling stories (of course especially as I’m only good for an hour or so of standing at the moment) – but it’s when people sit down, pause, and let things wash over them that it gets interesting and meaningful. The end point of that curve is the overnight stay – anything worth anything needs a little bit of risk, bravery, and letting go I think and this post punks the fuck out of the idea of a hands off museum! Letting people stay overnight. I FUCKING LOVE IT. It becomes your experience – not mine or ours (although that’s cool too!), but YOURS. The bluetooth sound system is hooked up so you can play some tunes, too!

There is all kinds of awesome in the immediate Bridgeport neighborhood where the Museum is located: a choice of three coffee houses (and an SBUX and a Dunkin), but Jackalope Coffee is my favorite, Marias Bar, Pizza Chicken Ice Cream, Kimski, Phil’s Pizza, Tangible Books, Lets Boogie Record Store (Saturdays only) Bernice’s Tavern, and more!

Come stay, come cry, come make music and laugh, and remember to connect with the past and jump head first into whatever the future holds! 
There are lots of very rare items up in the auction – including the Night at the Museum listing!
Coming Soon:
Sober Meeting
Open Houses
+ More!
(I’m getting better, but still dealing with a lot, so bear with me plz!) 

Rare Auction Items Ending Soon!
There’s just amazing items in the auction ending today and tomorrow! Don’t worry, we’re not selling the museum, only ever something we have at least two of! So stay tuned as we move forward – more stuff is surfacing every day!

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