Education is the Next Punk Rock!

Nelson Mandela famously said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” and that has never been true-er. I wanted to celebrate the idea of education, and wave the flag with apologies to the, “home taping is killing music!” (and its campaign logo from the late 70’s.) I’m delighted to draw your attention to a real favourite from the store:

Something I came up with a while ago to celebrate education and educators and to try and market the idea of actually getting an education – however you might decide to do that! The shirt has been a favourite in the store – no mean feat really with all of the competition – and it’s now available as a zip up (Jerzees 8oz brand Nublend 50/50 ) with front and back print.

Stay tuned – I’m toying with the idea of this design in black puffy ink on black! Write me a note on your order if that’s interesting!

On the subject of education, I should mention that I am the Museum Industry Coordinator at Millikin University and have been teaching Music Business for over 20 years. So, if that’s of any interest or you want to talk about WHY music business is an essential piece of the artists puzzle – stay tuned – I have some zooms planned for that too!



Events at the Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music

There are a handful of events coming up at the Museum throughout the remainder of January. If you can’t make it to any of the in-person open houses, check out the FREE virtual tour!

THIS Saturday, January 13:
Open House

THIS Sunday, January 14:
Virtual Tour + Voting Party

Friday, January 19:
Open House

Saturday, January 20:
Open House

Sunday, January 21:
Open House



Chicago’s Best

Vote for the Museum!

Voting will be closing for Best of Chicago on Sunday, January 14. To everyone that has voted and contributed, thank you!! We are honored to be nominated, but it would be punk AF if we get anywhere close to first! If you have a moment, please consider voting for us!

Steps to Vote:

  1. Follow the link and scroll down to the listed categories
  2. Select “Arts and Culture”
  3. Select “Best Museum”
  4. Vote for Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music



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