Museum Monday: Packaging + Stunning Damage Manual Re-Release

It’s tough when the first album you play on (1979!) is The Metal Box with Public Image Limited: three 12″ singles housed in an embossed circular metal case. How do you top that? Well, I don’t think you do, but the Damage Manual CD Limited Edition should certainly get an honorable mention with raised plastic studs adorning the cover. 

That was 20+ years ago (Feb 2005) and, wildly, the un-used large sheets of the plastic I imported from Canada stayed around what was to become the Museum Of Post Punk & Industrial Music ever since. A visit from the mighty team at Smashed Plastic Record Pressing last year prompted me to show off the packaging of the CD and during our conversations we decided to press vinyl and celebrate this awesome release. A very limited edition of red vinyl has been available for pre-order for the last couple of months. It will ship next week!

We are cutting, printing, gluing, signing, numbering and assembling the sleeves this week. I’m putting 50 in the store (which you can grab here!), after which they will only be available in the gift shop at the Museum. Making things, printing, experimenting, fucking up then succeeding has been a balm for me recently with my health issues, and, as my recovery continues, I just want to do more!

Next up, I’ll be scheduling some presentations on screen printing and packaging. I’ve been collecting interesting packaging for the last 40 years and can’t wait to show it all off, ignite some sparks and ideas for physical releases – from scratch and sniff to bullet USB’s, Led Zeppelin II, to Shogun Kunitonki’s battery powered build it yourself strobe light kit (with vinyl), glow in the dark, and, magnificently, Moldover’s CD with built in light sensitive theremin. 

Education is the next punk rock !


January Events at the Museum

There are a bunch of Open Houses and events coming up at the Museum this month! Recently added is a virtual tour of the Museum + voting party that is pay what you want – including FREE!

Saturday, January 13:
Open House

Recently Added – Sunday, January 14:
Virtual Tour + Voting Party

Friday, January 19:
Open House

Saturday, January 20:
Open House

Sunday, January 21:
Open House


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