Four Things Friday

1: Riot Fest Weekend at the Museum of PPIM

There will be 4 events across Thursday-Sunday with 7 opportunities to catch a tour!

Thursday, Sept 14: 7P – 9 P

Friday, Sept 15: 10A – 12P, 12:30P – 2:30P

Saturday, Sept 16: 10A – 12P, 12:30P – 2:30P

Sunday, Sept 17: 10A – 12P, 12:30P – 2:30P

Register for Events Here!


2: Museum Catalog Vol #2 Pre-Order

There is still time to pre-order the second edition of the Museum catalog. All founders’ names will be featured again, including any new individuals that have joined since the previous catalog was published. To become a Founder, you can purchase the Founders’ Package, or Donate an Item of Note.
The Catalog Vol #2 Features:

Signed and numbered limited edition 122 pages.

New acquisitions and donations:  John Robb on defining Post Punk, a tribute to Dave Heckman of Metropolis Records, photographs, stories, and the growing Founders List!

An overview of some of the more significant acquisitions from the last few months: 

Pigface Mexico tapestry wall: before and after,

Pieces on gaining a museum mindset 

Visitors: so many amazing groups of people have stopped by 

Your reviews!! & A section on the overnights (with reviews!)

Pre-Order Catalog Vol #2 Here


3: Cold Waves Events at the Museum of PPIM

Join us at the Museum of PPIM for Cold Waves events! Open houses and a Whiskey Pancake Brunch will be happening soon. Visit the Museum and meet other fans.

Keep an eye on our Eventbrite and Facebook pages for those events to go live!

4: Auctions Starting Sunday

Sunday, September 10 we will be starting another round of auctions to benefit the Museum. Among many great items, we will also be auctioning ads for the Volume #2 Museum Catalog!

Keep an eye out for auctions for a chance to win an ad in the catalog and boost your small business or promote a cause you’re passionate about!

Auctions Here Sunday


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