Free Shirt Friday, Auctions, + More

Whaaaat! Yes, its back – with a twist!

Every once in a while we have ‘Free Shirt Friday’ basically a free shirt of OUR choice – you go to the store, choose your size, pay shipping and a small handling charge and we send you a shirt!

– because we like to be nice and not everyone has spare $ for fashionable offensive (well mostly) shirts for themselves or as a gift!

What is the catch?
– there isn’t – as I said, we do charge a small handling fee to cover people, envelopes etc

Are they crap shirts covered in cat puke and old ink stains and dog hair??
– Well, no they are brand new super cool shirts ! But actually maybe now you mention it one will be ! 

There is another way you can help too:
A $100 “please don’t even send me a shirt,” shirt where you can buy a shirt that doesn’t exist, that you don’t want, that we won’t make – as a way of showing support and helping to keep all of this going! It’s also something I like to show students – the evidence that music business is so very different than business business! 

Thank you!
Don’t forget the amazing round of auctions and other stuff going on!

Get Your Free Shirt Here!

$100 Non-Existent Shirt Here!

Museum eBay Auctions:
Check out this round of auctions to benefit the Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music! There are a lot of amazing, original items! This might be one of our best rounds, yet! Some featured items are the PiL Paris au Printemps Pack which includes the vinyl, a copy of the original itinerary, and the original 1980 ad, Very rare Wax Trax! Records + TVT Records release of Chris Connelly + William Tucker’s 7″ blue vinyl single Songs For Swingin’ Junkies, Dot Screen Madonna’s using the original screen from the Pigface Preaching to the Perverted tour scenery, 12″ and 14″ spray-painted drum heads, and so much more! Head on over to eBay to check them out!

Auctions Here!

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