Museum Monday!

Another Museum Monday is Upon Us! 

More will be coming as I try and distill the last few weeks

There is certainly something to be said for incremental, organic growth…….not pushed along by a business plan or agendas – but just heuristically following along the paths that are being trodden.

Much interest in my early NiN demo cassette prompted murder mystery podcast style investigations (more on that soon) and in general, it seems like we are becoming a museum, fostering an attitude of inquisitive enthusiasm and delight in the confirmation of (what could be) just stories and partially mis-remembered rationalizations.

For probably a year, I’ve been pointing at a still frame of Genesis Breyer P Orridge dressed as Adolf Hitler in drag as Eva Braun Hitler – Gen wasn’t able to tour with Pigface (they had for the previous two or three) and suggested providing video introductions for all of the artists on the Lowest Of The Low tour ….. So when I point to the still – that’s what I mention – that there are films somewhere and that one day there will be a screen with the introductions looping…….well, now there are – the first hard drive that Tom opened up had digitized files from the original vhs tapes – bang …… but wait, no sooner had we basked in the glow of this discovery than I received and e mail requesting to donate the lederhosen worn by Genesis in the films to the museum. There feels like a connectedness to the universe? Certainly magic. I took a quick pic of the new Genesis wall area, and after a few hours took a look at responses, the Pandrogyne account said ‘lovely’ – I wasn’t familiar but I checked the PTV symbol on the account – it’s the official Genesis Breyer P Orridge account run by Genesse P Orridge, Gen’s daughter. I kind of cried for a minute, little sobs for sure. Maybe for Gen, our dismantled friendship, or for the longevity of things, or perhaps my own mortality, not sure, but I am so grateful for these moments -these generational situations.  If this was thee thing that happened this month, it would be quite a month –

But, it’s just one thing amongst so many significant things that happened this week including Scary Lady Sarah’s Tuesday Twitch session from the Museum. What a glorious hang that was! William Faith was here too! (More to be detailed soon)..the museum just. won’t. stop.

Come visit!! (and please send any information on the care and protection of lederhosen.)

There are 2 upcoming opportunities to visit the Museum – Museum of PPIM Open House Saturday, July 29 starting at 2:30PM CST. Jason Pettigrew is also coming to the Museum for a chat and Q&A in August! Be sure to check out the link below and get registered!

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