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Announcing that a Pigface show that no one knew was happening – isn’t! 

I’m no stranger to the ‘show must go on’ concept. In fact, Pigface was probably built on it – but this last few months I might have pushed things too far. Diagnosed with chronic arthritis in my right and left hips late last year, I’ve just been just soldiering on. Perhaps it was the emergency spine surgery in December of last year, perhaps that so many of my colleagues are down for the count for a minute made me want to just carry on, wave the flag for them and honor them? Maybe I was just frightened of another operation and although I am no stranger to it, maybe I was worried about the pain? Well, a couple of months ago I decided to schedule our usual Pigface thanksgiving show and assembled a really great, surprising (really!!) line up (a really good one). I decided I was just going to blast through the pain, get some injections and break on through to the other side and any other song title that works

……then early this last Monday morning after a weekend of really jarring pain, I called our agent and said that I couldn’t confirm the show after all. Weird to be in mourning for something that no one knew about that is not happening, but that’s how I feel. Of course, I’m told that a new hip will be amazing, so look out for the all new blast-beat-Pigface coming soon! 

Open houses continue throughout the summer – and I’m thrilled to have a conversation with Jason Pettigrew scheduled at the end of August – I’m always happy to chat and learn and excited to throw this event! Check out all the events at the link below.

Upcoming Events

And, just at the time of writing this, I found out that our neighbors’ daughter is in worse shape than we had thought. The details of a horrific hit and run crash (where someone else was killed) are in the GoFundMe. Our youngest went to school with her so it would be particularly special if you were able to donate anything or share as they try and unravel the unexpected horrifying mess. XXXXX

GoFundMe Here



The Damage Manual Pre-Order: 

We are just about sold out! Make sure if you want a copy of the Limited Edition on Red Vinyl – get your order in! Pre-Orders and further details of the album can be found at the link below!

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