Museum Monday on a Wednesday!


As we approach the third anniversary of the existence of the Museum Of Post Punk and Industrial Music (since April 2021), we are humbled, proud and excited to have been included as one of 5 museums in the Chicago Reader ‘Best Of’ poll. It is easy to be cynical about all kinds of things these days, and I certainly have my moments, but to see the museum name alongside MOCA, The Art Institute Of Chicago, and The Museum Of Science and Industry is a huge validation of the impact of what we are doing; a bright shining light to where this is leading. 

Sir Richard Branson’s advice resonates with me. Perhaps because we (PiL) were signed to his label when there was still just a few people in the offices on Ladbroke Grove. Anyway, he said, “always play the underdog,” so I think he would approve. Except, we aren’t playing – we massively ARE the underdog next to these huge prestigious institutions. 

I’d love to say, wow, it’s wonderful just to be nominated, but, man, it sure would be a (post) punk AF moment if we came anywhere close to not last! 

This place started with my ridiculous collection and has grown and magnetized more thanks to donations of precious artifacts from all of you: the return of the 1986 NIN demo tape, Genesis P Orridge’s lederhosen, signed ephemera from Killing Joke, Thrill Kill Kult, Ogres microphone, suit, megaphone, so much cool Skinny Puppy, Pigface, Test Department, Einsturzendeneubauten, Ministry, Strike Under, venues and labels Invisible, Metropolis, Touch & Go, Wax Trax, and more!

It has grown to have its own identity and a special place in all of us who have spent time there. If you haven’t been yet, come visit, its magic!

Thank you and, vote early, vote often.

Peace Love Respect,

Martin Atkins 

Steps to Vote:

Follow the link and scroll down to the listed categories

  • Select “Arts and Culture”
  • Select “Best Museum”
  • Vote for Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music




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Music business is making things happen that shouldn’t, that others couldn’t ! Triumph in the face of sometimes overwhelming adversity! That’s why this transferable skill set and mindset is so useful in any discipline.

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