Museum Of PPIM Holiday Reflections

Part of me wants to say fuck this year, fuck it to hell. Personal physical difficulties, the immeasurable loss of Killing Joke, Damage Manual & Murder Inc guitarist Geordie Walker and so many talented people gone too soon turned my record collection into an emotional minefield and further increased the care with which I have to navigate the Museum sometimes. Insanity around the world perhaps making us all feel powerless as ugliness ravages onwards and the relentless advance of time, the economy and various forms of degeneration. UGH. 

But what of the high points? I’m super proud of my family of course, and small triumphs and relationships are enduring still. I am so thankful for these connections, the ability to ignite a spark of hope in my students and within the music business program at Millikin University, and so happy to just watch faces, smiles, tears and JOY at the museum. I love to see the advancement of hope and positive movement forwards in our Bridgeport neighbourhood of Chicago with the fruition of years of dreaming and concrete action from Tyler and Em (and an army!) to have the Ramova theater emerge again. I loved DJing badly outside at Jackalope Coffee and, just yesterday, stopped in to buy an album at Lets Boogie records and chat with Intangible Books owner, Joe. It all reminds me that as much as I can’t control anything in the larger picture, I can be a good neighbour, and a part of all that is going on around me. I can walk up to people and say hi – no matter how painful that is for my social anxiety.

There’s so much to be thankful for: Charles Levi is still with us! and inspiring with his refusal to quit. Smashed Plastic Pressing is right here in fucking town – we can go watch our vinyl being pressed! Dark Matter Coffee and their fabulous energy (and coffee) are right the fuck here – and so many people are helping the Museum physically, in person and virtually online and there so many varieties of NA beer to keep me on a sober path. Yes!

Rebecca, Julie and Sarah, and Katie and Molly and Tom, and interns Molly, Isabel, Ella, Brianna & Anna were tremendously helpful over the summer. Austin Buchanan killed it on artwork and Jodi Sargent & Bobby Tallamine are always handy with their lenses. Thank you to Shani & Tronnie Goss keeping the art totally on point and branding the fuck out of it all, too – THANK YOU all so much for keeping us fueled!

I loved bring your dog to the Museum day, and our Cold Waves Whiskey Pancake Brunch and just hanging out in general. Ask me to tell the story the next time you are at the museum – Dan Earle stopped us in our tracks with thoughtful generosity.

And, (hopeful tinkling sound in the background) just as things seemed pretty fucking bad when I was in intensive care for a week……. here we are still, from a bed to a walker, to a cane, to actually tying my own laces now and walking – progress and endurance and hope for a dangerous (in a good way) year ahead. Look out drums, you’re next!

What I can do, which might seem meaningless to some, but I read all of the emails each year and I can assure you it isn’t: what I can do is offer you our traditional 30%/60%/90% set of discount codes. Of course nothing will actually arrive before Christmas, but hopefully you will feel some love and in a week or so the smell of new crispy offensive t-shirts or whatever it is you want to get yourself or others might make you realize that more people actually do care a lot. You know the rules, be nice, just 5 items per order, please, and allow us ten days to get it the fuck together. Codes are HOLIDAY30, HOLIDAY60, & HOLIDAY90


We are, still, all in this together.


Peace Love Respect and thankyou 


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