Museum Reflections + 3 Year Anniversary!

So many times in the last (almost) three years, something (small or huge) has kept the Museum moving forward. It’s been incredibly inspiring and refueled my belief in just about everything – especially humans and the power of being nice, taking a leap and seeing what happens. It has been everything from just a message to the return of the NiN demo tape, subscription donations of any size, more founders!, to groups of people descending for a tour and being so kind about their responses to the experience and re-energizing us. 

This latest Chicago Reader Poll placing us as the #1 Museum in Chicago has a special weight to it for me – not from the special badge we can put on the website, but from the knowledge that this represents a LOT of people taking the time to register and vote (and despite all of the joking around about voting early voting often only once!), it really has made all of us at #teamPPIM stop for a minute, feel appreciated and realize how important this endeavor really is for all of us. 

It’s also a valuable lesson on tiny, material actions making a difference. Small acts of kindness, encouragement you would be surprised at YOUR role in all of this. It is also absolutely (post)PUNKAF and of course industrial mindset too.

Thank you all so very very much! come visit! Its magic(er)


Museum Anniversary Fundraiser

In lieu of being an active Museum for almost three whole years, we are putting on some celebratory Fundraisers! We have an auction going on eBay for 10 days with various items: rare vinyl, original scenery pieces, a custom drum track from Martin Atkins, collectibles, and more!! You can check out all of the LIVE auction items HERE!

If auctions aren’t your jam, check out the Museum Anniversary Fundraiser category in the online store HERE!

Upcoming Museum Events

There are a couple events this weekend to close out February, and March events are live. Check out all the scheduled dates at the link below! If you’re interested in purchasing + scheduling a private tour for up to 6 people, that can be purchased HERE.

We look forward to seeing you there!