Museum Anniversary Auctions & Online Store + Events

Museum Anniversary Fundraiser

In lieu of being an active Museum for almost three whole years(!!!), we are putting on some celebratory fundraisers! We have an auction going on eBay for 10 days with various items: rare vinyl (including a very rare 4-vinyl Brian Brain collection), original scenery pieces, a custom drum track from Martin Atkins, collectibles like original sign off sheets and receipts for Killing Joke and Genesis P-Orridge, and more!! You can check out all of the LIVE auction items HERE!

If auctions aren’t your jam, check out the Museum Anniversary Fundraiser category in the online store HERE!


Upcoming Museum Events

March events are live! Check out all the scheduled dates at the link below! If you’re interested in purchasing + scheduling a private tour for up to 6 people, that can be purchased HERE.

We look forward to seeing you there!