Thank You from Martin Atkins, Personal Collection Auction, + Events

What a completely insane (almost) 3 years! A big “thank you,” to all of you Founders and to everyone that has helped, donated, visited or encouraged us in any way. It is impossible, just impossible, to relay to you how each one of these actions has brought us here to this point of awesomeness and overwhelming joy! I bet there is some kind of  folklore about a grandma, a blanket, a village all putting one stitch into a thing that eventually saves a small child from the open, snarling mouth of a tiger! Well, YOU are either the stitch, the person stitching, or the needle – or whatever you want – but you continually save us from the mouth of the snarling tiger – so thank you. 

There is so much energy in the space right now that I’m really looking forward to the upcoming guided tours – we keep adding more and people seem to really like the experience! 

There’s some amazing stuff from my personal collection up for auction from an original Killing Joke meal money sign off sheet, to a copy of PiL’s Second Edition with my early 80’s royalty statement from the PRS, a Pigface signed  United Tour card, a piece of the Ministry cage from the 89/90 tour, Genesis P Breyer-Orridge hotel room receipt, and even a chance for me to play drums on your recorded track! (You can have me go 16th note push pull on the toms, hit the sparse slammed beat of Sunset Gun or have me meander and weave in a pop tones style!) That’s going to be FUN!! (and my first time back behind the kit in a while). You can check out all of the LIVE auction items HERE!

If auctions aren’t your jam, check out the Museum Anniversary Fundraiser category in the online store HERE!

Please help where you can – it doesn’t have to be us – help anyone and anything you can – shit is a mess out there and we don’t need anymore

Peace. Love. Respect.


Still can’t believe you all voted us #1 Museum in Chicago!
Thank you!

Upcoming Museum Events

March events are live with more to come! Check out all the scheduled dates at the link below! If you’re interested in purchasing + scheduling a private tour for up to 6 people, that can be purchased HERE.

We look forward to seeing you there!