Museum Reflections

It seems like…

every few weeks or so you get one of these messages from me about the revelation that the Museum is in one way or another to me or to visitors…and, yes, this is one of those again.

This Riot Fest weekend has been a mad, beautiful combination of one-on-one sessions and different groups from all over the country. A deep philosophical hour in the studio examining the human psychological side of production techniques: I hope it was interesting for the artists that attended, as it was revelatory for me. I’d kind of forgotten that Gravity Kills made their last album there too. 

During production of The Process for Puppy, I went over to hang with Genesis and meet Timothy Leary at the Sharron Tate House where Trent was recording. On my return to Rick Rubin’s Shangri La Studio/house, I changed my mood until I was asked what was up, “…it’s ok,” I said, grumbling and inviting more questions. It went on for a while until I reluctantly allowed the story to come out – that I had seen Trent (I hadn’t) and “screw him, what does he know, he told me,” —no, no, I’m not going to mention it- “He mentioned that he thought Puppy was OVER!!” (he didn’t).

I thought it was a transparent lie, but, for the next week or so , there was a huge Team Puppy, whatthefuckdoestrentknow energy at the house. (Henry V said, “if you want to unite your country, take them to war.”)

I forgot all of this stuff – the extra stuff, the unnecessary essential stuff 

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