NIN PHM Anniversary at the Museum!

NiN Day at the Museum of PPIM:

Come hang out and celebrate the anniversary of the Pretty Hate Machine debut! Limited tickets to this event

Activities Can Include:

Listen to the 1986 Pretty Hate Machine demos (the album turns 34 this year!)

Reserve your spot for the The Producer Experience: Mix your own tape of the original Pigface Suck with Trent (Can be selected under ‘Add-ons’)

Take a photo sitting behind Martin’s Head Like a Hole Drum Kit (Ministry, Killing Joke, & Pigface, too!)

Listen to NiN Live at Helter Skelter in LA 1991 – Not in any other archives!

Check out shirts, posters, passport photos, year zero art piece, autographs, Trent and Ogre singing Suck live, and MORE!

Follow the link below for full event details!

NiN Day Tickets Here!

The Damage Manual: Test Pressings
The Damage Manual Vinyl:

We have received the Test Pressings from Smashed Plastic – they sound amazing!

We are going to add a few more pressings to the pre-order! Get yours before they’re spoken for!

The Damage Manual Limited Edition on Red Vinyl >


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