NIN PHM Anniversary FAQ + More!

NiN Day at the Museum of PPIM:  

Come hang out and celebrate the anniversary of the Pretty Hate Machine debut! Limited tickets to this event!  

Activities Can Include:  

  • Listen to the 1986 Pretty Hate Machine demos (the album turns 34 this year!) 
  • Reserve your spot for the The Producer Experience: Mix your own tape of the original Pigface Suck with Trent (Can be selected under ‘Add-ons’)
  • Take a photo sitting behind Martin’s Head Like a Hole Drum Kit (Ministry, Killing Joke, & Pigface, too!)
  • Listen to NiN Live at Helter Skelter in LA 1991 – Not in any other archives!
  • Check out shirts, posters, passport photos, year zero art piece, autographs, Trent and Ogre singing Suck live, and MORE!

NiN Day Tickets Here!


NiN Day FAQ:

Q1: I can mix my own version of Trent singing Suck with Pigface??
A1: Yes!

Q2: What if I don’t know how to use the equipment?
A2: Our engineer Tom will help you

Q3: What happens to my mix?
A3: You leave with it on a cassette tape!

Q4: Can I release it?
A4: No – but you can play it to your friends!

Q5: What if I just want to explore the mix, itself, and sing along, or just listen?
A5: That’s okay too!

Q6: Will other aspects of the Museum be open for viewing on NIN Day?
A6: Yes! Genesis P Orridge, Killing Joke, Ministry, PiL, Chicago! Labels, Clubs, and more!

Q7: None of the published times work for me and a few others – can we schedule a separate visit?
A7: Yes, if there are 8 or more of you, we will try to accommodate a different time. Please reach out to Museum Scheduling here


The Damage Manual: Test Pressings

The Damage Manual Vinyl:

We have received the Test Pressings from Smashed Plastic – they sound amazing!

We are going to add a few more pressings to the pre-order! Get yours before they’re spoken for!

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