Short Updates

This week’s email is short

-but enjoy!

Just another reminder about my SXSW panel (Welcome to the Music Business… You’re Still Fu*ked !) – someone has to tell these starry-eyed fuckers what the deal really is and try and protect them! Thank you to everyone who has cast their vote so far!!

Also, check out this podcast chatting with Lance Tawzer from the Lincoln Museum. Lance also put together the state of sound exhibit at Navy Pier! Find it at the link below.

Podcast Here

SXSW Panel Picker Voting is Open!

Please consider voting for my SXSW Presentation “Welcome to the Music Business…You’re Still F*cked!” If you would like to submit a vote for me to present at the 2024 SXSW Conference, submit your vote for my panel below!

Vote Here!

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