The Dandy Warhols Visit The Museum

What an amazing hang yesterday with Peter and Brent from The Dandy Warhols! Peter then wore one of our PPIM shirts at their gig! The Museum continues to amaze me with it’s constant growth and reach.

If you’re not a Founder – what are you waiting for?? You can become a Museum Founder by purchasing the Founders’ Package or by Donating an Item of Note to the Museum.


It’s almost Free Shirt Friday again!

We love doing the free shirts, but we’ve had to up the price to a whopping $2 – plus shipping and handling (with a surcharge for the larger sizes 2xl+). We hope you still want to participate – or buy something else instead!! Some of the vinyl is re-stocked or you could pair a FSF with a Museum Founder membership to take the edge off!!

If you’ve forgotten how this works, or this is your first time: simply find the “? Shirt” Product, choose your size, and we’ll do the rest! Find that link at the bottom of this section!

Free Shirt Friday Here!

SXSW Panel Picker Voting is Open!

Please consider voting for my SXSW Presentation “Welcome to the Music Business…You’re Still F*cked!” If you would like to submit a vote for me to present at the 2024 SXSW Conference, submit your vote for my panel below!

Vote Here!

DIT: Indie Weekly #104
Available to Stream Soon!

If you couldn’t make it to this great session on Tuesday afternoon, you missed out! But have no fear – you will soon be able to stream the video of the session. It will be available next Thursday, August 17th – we’ll keep you updated!

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