Visit This Weekend + Catalog #2 FAQ


For the surge of interest in the second catalog! There have been lots of questions, so I thought a FAQ might be useful!

Q1: How do I get my Name on the Founders List in Catalog #2?
A1: Well, if you are already a Founder from Catalog #1, your name will also be printed in version #2 (along with any new Founders who have purchased the Founders Pack or Donated an Item of Significance).

Q2: Does the catalog come free with the Founders Pack?
A2: No, unfortunately we can’t do that

Q3: I like the limited edition shirt – can I just order that?
A3: No, it’s free when you order the second catalog and will ship in the next 10 days!

Q4: Are there still First Edition Catalogs available with the flexi disc and scratch and sniff banana post card?
A4: Yes, but only a few! Order yours here

Q5: Do you donate advertising for causes or just people who could use a bit of a break at the moment?
A5: Yes, a few. There will also be auctions for some 1/2 page ads too!

Q6: How can I advertise to support you and promote my amazing thing?
A6: Send us an email here. We are also open to trades!

Q7: $45 is a great deal with the shirt, but things are tight?
A7: If you pay with PayPal, you can select the “Pay Later” at checkout. You can separate the total cost into 4 equal, interest-free payments.

Q8: I have changed my DJ name since becoming a Founder in the first catalog – how do I go about getting you different information?
A8: Please fill out This Form for any informational changes


Visit the Museum This Weekend!

The Museum will be open this weekend 12PM-4PM CST. If you’re in town for any shows or would just like to stop by, please register at the following link!

Martin’s physical presence is not guaranteed this weekend, as he continues to recover from hip surgery, so there will not be any guided tours – but staff with QR code stories and more should make his presence tangible!

Register To Visit This Weekend Here!

Pre-Order: Vol. 2 Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music Catalog

Pre-Order the Vol. 2 Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music Catalog + Free Limited Edition Shirt!
Signed and numbered limited edition 122 pages

New acquisitions and donations, John Robb on defining Post Punk, a tribute to Dave Heckman of Metropolis Records, photographs, stories, and the growing Founders List! If you haven’t become a Founder and you’d like your name featured in the Founders List, there’s still time! Become a Museum Founder by either purchasing the Founders’ Package Here or Donate an Item of Note to the Museum Here!

Shirts ship straight away. The catalog ships when printed (6-8 weeks). Please, only 3 catalogs per order!

If you don’t have the First Edition Museum Catalog, it is still available for purchase here.

Pre-Order Here!

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